The Gouldsboro Historical Society is devoted to researching, collecting, preserving, and sharing the Town’s historical material, and educating others about the history of our Town and region. The Society serves the community by operating the Old Town House Museum and the Blance Archive; by sharing its collection through its website, Digital Archive, and other digital resources; by assisting the Town in the preservation of its cemetery and historical Town records; by cooperating with schools, libraries, and local organizations; and by offering numerous events and publications to inform and entertain the public.

To aid your search of our Online Archives, all of our digitized items will be catalogued on Digital Archive, even if the material resides elsewhere. Those items have an External Link shown near the bottom of the Item record.  

Our Old Town House Museum is in the Old Town House on Rt 1, given to us by the citizens of Gouldsboro. Our exhibits range from Tools to Tombstones, illustrating early life and customs of the area, local artisans, as well as maritime and military history. We also have a collection of artifacts left by indigenous residents of the area, recovered from archaeological digs nearby.

The Blance Archive, housed at our headquarters, is our temperature and humidity controlled space designed to house our textile and paper collections. It contains numerous documents of historical interest and value to researchers: maps; photographs; town tax valuation books; personal and store ledgers; genealogical records; scrapbooks; and much more.